About Chihuahua's


The Chihuahua is the world's smallest dog breed, but they may well have the world's biggest personality stashed inside that tiny body! That larger-than-life persona makes them appealing to men, women and children alike.

Fun-loving and busy, Chihuahuas like nothing better than to be close to their people. They follow them everywhere in the house and ride along happily in the car when their people run errands or go shopping. It's not unusual for Chihuahuas to form a close bond with a single person, and they can become very demanding if they're overindulged.

Besides being affectionate housemates, Chihuahuas are intelligent and fast learners. They can compete in agility and obedience trials with just as much enthusiasm and success as larger dogs. That said, they're willful little dogs. You'll be most successful if you can persuade them that competing — or simply doing as you ask — is fun. Use positive reinforcement in the form of praise and food rewards when training your Chihuahua. They won't respond to harsh treatment.

It's important when considering the Chihuahua to take into account their small size. Chihuahuas are curious and bold explorers. They've escaped from yards through small gaps in the fence and can squeeze into places that other puppies and dogs wouldn't be able to fit. And even though they tend to rule the roost, rambunctious larger dogs can accidentally injure them.

Chihuahuas make fantastic family pets and can be great with children and larger dogs if socialized well. Chihuahuas have gained themselves a reputation over the years and we quite often hear people say things such as "Chihuahuas are snappy, yappy and are not good around children”. We have found this to be untrue in the majority of Chihuahuas that we rescue and rehome. Like all dogs, Chihuahuas can develop temperament issues if spoilt or not socialized. This is what it basically comes down to: Chihuahuas are dogs and if treated like dogs, they make fantastic members of the household.

Regardless of your family situation, it's important to remember to socialize your Chihuahua with children, adults, and other animals. Chihuahuas are often mistrustful of strangers, which makes them good watchdogs, but they need to learn to meet people in a friendly manner. It's also important to remember that Chihuahuas tend to forget they are small and will stand up to a larger aggressive dog; as a result the Chihuahua needs vigilant supervision in new situations, while they're on walks, and when they're at the dog park.

The Chihuahua's personality and unique size make them a wonderful go-everywhere companion. People who live with Chihuahuas become devoted to them, and many say that once you share your life with one, there will be no other dog breed for you.

Chihuahuas are the perfect companion for people who are looking for a forever loyal buddy to keep them company for hours on their lap or at your curled up next to you at night while you sleep. Chihuahuas love their dens and will often burrow themselves in pillows, clothes hampers, and blankets. They are often found under the covers or at the bottom of the bed, deep in the dark and safety of what they believe is their den. It has been said that Chihuahuas were originally bred as bed-warmers. Whether this is true or not, we like to think that a Chihuahua becomes a working dog while in bed. It’s their job and what they do best!